Dr. Adekunle Sanyaolu

He is a Medical Microbiologist with over 25 years of work experience in public health, clinical and teaching duties. He completed his Bachelor’s (B.Sc Hons, 1989) degree, Master’s (M.Sc., 1992) degree and Doctoral (PhD, 2000) from the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.  Between the year 2005 and 2006, he worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the area of Global Health Communicable Diseases at the College of Public Health, Department of Global Health, University of South Florida, Tampa Florida; also during this period, he worked as a Healthcare Specialist with the Veterans’ Administration  (VA) healthcare centre in Tampa Florida. His research interest is focused on the study of epidemiology, diagnosis, immunology and control of communicable diseases of clinical and public health significance as well as antimicrobial drugs. His career experience includes laboratory diagnosis for communicable diseases, teaching / training, and research. His public health work experience includes epidemiological surveillance, intervention, outbreak investigation, infectious diseases prevention and control, as well as project coordination and management. He was a member of many professional associations in the UK, Canada, and the US. He is a Member, Association of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, Canada, Canadian Association of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Fellow, Institute of Biomedical Science, London England, clinical Scientist, American Society for Clinical Pathology, Member, American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Member, Infectious Diseases Society of America,  and Member, American Society for Microbiology. Presently he is a Healthcare Consultant (Global Communicable Diseases) AMOOF consulting enterprise, Calgary, AB, Canada. He served as an Associate Professor(2012-2015) of Microbiology & Immunology, Saint James School of Medicine, Anguilla, Post-Doctoral Fellow (Global Communicable Diseases)( 2005- 2006),  Department of Global Health, College of Public Health University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, USA, Lab Scientist(2003-2005) Calgary Laboratory Services, Calgary, AB, Canada, Senior Scientific Officer (Microbiology) (1993-2002) Central Public Health Laboratory, Ministry of Health, Lagos, Nigeria, and Senior Lab Scientist (Microbiology)( 1998-1999), Hera General Hospital, Laboratory Department, Makkah, KSA. He has participated several Research projects : Prevalence study of STD in Lagos. (Awarded by the Ministry of Health in 1994), Integrated project on family planning, nutrition, and parasite control,  Project for Ibeju-Lekki Lagos (Awarded by Planned Parenthood Federation and Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals in 1995),  Surveillance study on Schistosomiasis infection in Ijebu-Igbo, Nigeria,  (Awarded by the Ministry of Health and Africare in 1995, Mass deworming, pre and post intervention of primary school children in Warri-North riverine area, Nigeria. (Awarded by Chevron and Smithkline Beecham in 1996, Mass deworming, pre and post intervention of primary school children in ILaje-Ese Odo riverine area, Nigeria. (Awarded by Chevron and Smithkline Beecham in 1996, A pilot study to detect blood splatter from retractable venous access device. (University of South Florida internal award). He received Awards : How to obtain Nominated for the commonwealth awards for action on HIV/AIDS (UNILAG) (2000), ASCP International Award 2016. Best International Poster Winner and Finalists, Foundation Travel Grant award for ASCP 2018 annual conference in Baltimore, Maryland , and  Guerrant International Awards; IDSA Abstract 2020. Some of his recent publications as follows : 1)  Hodge J, Hammoudi D, Benayache I, Sanyaolu  A, Antonio A. Persistent Hypothyroidism Despite  Standard Levothyroxine Treatment: A  Case  Study  of  Tissue  Hypothyroidism. Asclepius Med Case Rep 2019; 2(2):1-7; 2)   Sanyaolu A, Badaru O, Okorie C, Marinkovic A, Ayodele O, et al. (2020) The Prevalence of Hepatitis B, C and HIV among Injection Drug Users in the USA. J Microbiol Microb Infect, 2(1): 56-62; 3).  Sanyaolu A, Okorie C, Abbasi AF, Prakash S, Marinkovic A. Ebola Vaccine Response: An Updated Review. J Epidemiol Public Health Rev. 2020;5(4); 4 )  Sanyaolu A, Okorie C, Younis S, Chan H, Haider N. Transmission and Control Efforts of COVID-19. 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Publisher: Book Publisher International; 2) The Antimicrobial Effects of Secondary Metabolites of Anguillan Fungi, In book: Theory and Applications of Microbiology and Biotechnology,   Chapter 9. November 2019. DOI:10.9734/bpi/tamb/v1. Publisher: Book Publisher International; 3) Gangrenous Gut in a Pregnant Woman: A Case Report, In book: Emerging Research in Medical Sciences Vol. 3, Chapter 6. January 2020. DOI: 10.9734/bpi/erms/v3. Publisher: Book Publisher International; 4) Global Epidemiology of Ebola Disease: A Review of the West African Outbreak, In book: Current Trends in Disease and Health Vol 3, March 2020. DOI: 10.9734/bpi/ctdah/v3. Publisher: Book Publisher International; 5) A Narrative Review of the Measles Outbreak in  North America and Globally. In book: Viral Outbreaks. 2021 Feb 11