Physicochemical and Microbiological Quality of a Creek in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

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Williams, Janet Olufunmilayo
Madise, Enitoun


An investigation was carried out on the microbiological and physicochemical quality of Amadi-ama Creek in Rivers State. Samples taken from the Creek were subjected to some physicochemical analyses like pH, DO, BOD, Hardness, temperature, sulphate, phosphate, turbidity, electrical conductivity, Total dissolved solids, nitrate, ammonia, etc. pH ranged from 7.14 to 7.16, temperature, 26.4°C to 27.6°C while salinity was from 13.6 mg/l to 15.9 mg/l. Dissolved  Oxygen (DO) ranged from 7.20 mg/l  to 7.40 mg/l. Chemical oxygen demand was from 21.2 mg/ml to 26.1 mg/l . The total heterotrophic bacterial counts ranged from 3.0x105 - 4.0x105 cfu/ml which exceeded the limit of 1.0 x 102 cfu/ml for natural water. The total Yeast and Mould counts ranged from 2.3x104 –2.7x104 sfu/ml and 2.0x104 -2.2x104 sfu/ml respectively. The total coliform counts were higher in point A for weeks 1 and 2 with 400 and 420 MPN Index/100 ml respectively while Point B had 390 and 400 MPN Index/100 ml for weeks 1 and 2. The total thermotolerant coliform for points A and B for both weeks was 85 MPN Index/100 ml. The genera of bacteria isolated included Salmonella sp., Shigella sp., Bacillus sp., Klebsiella sp., E.coli, Staphylococcus sp., Streptoccocus sp., Corynebacterium sp.  and Enterobacter sp. The study revealed few species of fungi and they include Penicillium sp., Fusarium solani, Mucor sp. and Rhizopus sp. These are a group of fungi that invade the superficial layer of the skin and degrade the keratinized tissues of skin, hair and nails in living animals including man, causing skin diseases. Aspergillus was also present in this study and it is a group of moulds found everywhere worldwide. Only a few of these molds can cause illness in humans and animals. Most people are naturally immune and do not develop disease caused by Aspergillus. However, when disease occurs, it takes several forms. Any Water body contaminated with some of `these pathogenic microorganisms represent an unhealthy livelihood (poor personal and household hygiene) in the environment.

Amadi-ama Creek, water quality, bacteria, fungi

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Janet Olufunmilayo, W., & Enitoun, M. (2018). Physicochemical and Microbiological Quality of a Creek in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. Journal of Advances in Microbiology, 10(1), 1-10.
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