Dr. Jayshree Patel

Jayshree D. Patel is a scholar having over 13 years of experience in multidisciplinary fields with a strong focus on drug discovery and their respective IPR; technology transfer for business development.

Dr. Jayshree received her bachelors, masters and doctoral degree in microbiology. She worked as researcher in many different institutions. Dr. Jayshree specific expertise includes discovery of antimicrobial compound, biochemical and phytochemical analysis, analysis of pharmaceutical products.

Dr. Patel published 16 original articles in journal category of microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry etc. She has many achievements in the field of life sciences. She awarded with best-in school/college for her extraordinary academic progress.

Currently, Dr. Jayshree is leading with 114 citations for her publications and working at United State Based Pharmaceutical Company, USA.