Dr. Mario Lettieri Teixeira

Graduate at Pharmacy from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2002), Master's degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2007) and PhD in Sciences from the Post- Graduation in Cell and Molecular Biology, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2013). He was a full professor at the University of Contestado Foundation (Unc - Concordia), teaching disciplines in the area of food and biochemistry in undergraduate courses - Pharmacy, Nutrition, Physical Theraphy and Industrial Food Chemistry. He was a professor at the Regional Community University of Chapeco (UNOCHAPECO) teaching disciplines in the field of biochemistry, toxicology and physiology in undergraduate courses - Pharmacy, Medicine, Nutrition and Physiotherapy. He is currently a professor of Veterinary Medicine at the Federal Catarinense Institute -Campus Concordia, in the area of biochemistry and pharmacology. They have experience in the field of toxicology - validation of techniques for the detection and quantification of mycotoxins, in addition to the development of toxicity studies of bacterial peptides. The current research is focused on the following lines: physiological biochemistry, rationally modified compounds and the development of in vitro / ex vivo and in vivo models to aid the prospection of new drugs.