Dr.Pratibha Vyas

Assistant Professor, School of  Bioengineering and Biosciences, Lovely Professional University, Punjab.


Research Experience: One year Post Doctorate experience at Plant Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory, CSIR-IHBT, Palampur (2013-2014) Two years research experience as Research Intern at CSIR-IHBT Palampur (2003-2005). 5 years and 9 months during PH. D. in Plant Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory at CSIR-IHBT, Palampur.


Research Interests: Plant and Soil  Microbiology, Biofertilizers, vermicomposting, Endophytes, Bioactive Compounds Presently involved in the isolation and screening of endophytic beneficial microorganisms from medicinal plants for the development  of microbial inoculants for stressed environments. Main focus is on the development of liquid formulation using different su bstrates. These microorganisms are also being screened  for  their ability to enrich and  enhance the process of  vermicomposting  and  also  for their application in food.